Matt stands for livable growth, the importance of neighborhoods, and economic development that works for everyone.

Greenville is a special place. Matt knows this and wants to protect it.  Matt also knows Greenville must keep moving forward, must protect the neighborhoods, and must make sure that everyone benefits in a better Greenville. 

Matt has a history of finding win-win solutions. He’s engaged, focused, dedicated, accessible, and committed.

Matt is the next generation of leadership for Greenville and District 2.


The value of family is part of every decision.

When Matt completed his military service as a Captain in the Army, he and his wife Liz chose Greenville and decided to stay for the last 16 years because it was a place that would be great for their family. Now, with three generations of the Cotner family in Greenville, Matt wants Greenville to work even better for young and old alike.  


Driven by the issues that face Greenville.

Matt believes Greenville has great opportunities ahead of it and the best is certainly yet to come. He also knows that there are real challenges now and coming in the future. Those challenges require a smart, creative, resourceful leader. A leader like Matt who can handle complex issues; from transportation to housing to public safety to traffic and growth. Matt can bring all parties along to make Greenville even better.


Ready to help?

Help us make Greenville great.